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Mark has had a deep passion for music since early childhood. He began playing the cello at the age of 5, followed by the classical guitar at 10.

Discouraged by conventional music education, he put down his instruments. Years later, driven by impulse, he took up percussion and began to play and learn free of lessons. The passion was reawakened.

In 2009, after a long search, his first handpan found him.

As an avid handpan player, Mark was on the lookout for new instruments in 2015. It quickly became apparent that the number of manufacturers was scarce and one had to expect long waiting times if one wanted to acquire a high-quality handpan.

In 2016, equipped with 2 hammers and a few steel shells, he set to work making an instrument himself. Much blood, sweat and steel later, the first instrument was born and the path was clear.

In 2017, he founded Oxymora-Instruments.

Since then, the dream has been coming true in his workshop in the Austrian Alps. New materials and manufacturing methods are constantly being experimented with to create the best instruments with a stable, clean sound.

Thus Oxymora-Instruments handpans are lovingly handcrafted with a passion for music. As a handpan player himself, his demand for quality is very high and therefore only instruments that Mark himself would like to keep and play are made and sold.

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